troja-czech sup white water race

2nd race of the Czech Cup in white water paddleboarding

will take place on artificial slalom track in the Prague - Troja.

date: 22.7. - 23.7. 2023


FB event and actual info here:



17:00 – 20:00 free training

18:00 - 20:00 registrations, issue of starting numbers


8:30 - 9:30 registrations, issue of starting numbers

9:45 skippers meeting

10:00 - 11:00 sprint

14:00-14:45 slalom round I.

15:00 - 16:00 slalom round II.

17:30 massocross over the entire track


11:00 - 12:30 cross

14:00 announcement of results, end of races


Sprint (time trial)

Race for less than 1 minute of paddling. Only the clean time at the finish is decisive. The top 16 men and the top 8 women will qualify for the boardcross race.

SUP slalom - Similar to canoe slalom, you will have to navigate around both upstream and downstream. Negotiate the gates to get to the bottom with the quickest time. But, be careful not to rush as touching or missing a gate will cost you valuable seconds.

Boardcross - Racing 3-6 paddlers at a time, you will have to navigate a number of buoys while avoiding the other competitors on the water. In this race, contact is allowed so get your tactics ready.


The basic division is the division of the sexes - men x women.

The main (only) category of boats will be inflatable boards up to 12'' length.

The junior categories U14 and U18 and the MASTERS 45+ categories will also be listed according to the number of registered juniors.

The results of the combination Slalom + Sprint + Board Cross will also be announced.


The competitor must be equipped with a life jacket, a helmet and boots to protect his toes. The competitor must be a good swimmer, must be healthy and reasonably physically fit. Each competitor starts at his own risk. Everyone starts at their own risk and by signing the attendance list they also agree with the operating rules of Ttroja artificial.


Inflatable boards with a maximum length of less than 12´00´´, width unlimited, weight unlimited.

The competitor must complete all disciplines on the same board! The brand and length of the board shall be stated in the application. The board can be changed at the latest when the start number is picked up.

Entry fee:

Sprint + Board Cross 300 CZK online, 400 CZK on the spot

Slalom 300 CZK online, 400 CZK on the spot

Sp + Board X + Sl 600 CZK online, 800 CZK on the spot


it is possible to stay in the hotel or a cheaper option in the shelters or own tent in the camp of HG Sport centre.

How to get in Prague - Troja:

By car: GPS of HG SPORT CENTRE:   are 50.11354008280384, 14.424490623387111

from every place in Prague try to go to the ZOO direction, signs are placed throughout the city

on the way from the center on the Barikádník bridge in Prague 7 turn right towards the local part of Troja, ZOO, along the way you should come across brown directional signs with the inscription Canoe area, which will take you to the parking lot at the area. GPS: 50°06'49.3"N 14°25'28.6"E

By public transport

by metro C to the station Holešovice nádraží continue by tram number 17, 14 or night 53 to Trojská station (the tram crosses the river) after the ascent return to the river 250 m continue downstream along a narrow coastal road about 400 m to the area of HG Sport.