SUP whitewater tour

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The European White-water tour is a serie of Europe's best events to support the sport. 

WHITE-WATER TOUR is an ambitious project that would like to combine individual European Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) white water races into one series of events (SWWT). So a whole new concept for white water racing. Currently, there is only one series of this kind and only for flat water! When it comes to white water paddleboarding, there are only individual races with normally different rules for each race ...

Our goal is to combine these regional individual races into one series of events with a common name and standardized rules. The races will thus ensure greater prestige, uniform rules and announce a year-round ranking with valuable prizes. This guarantees prestige and With this project we would like to address not only the best riders, but also attract new applicants to this modern and rapidly growing sport.

The whole project is backed by the team of Honza Rott, co-founder and designer of the leading manufacturers of professional paddleboards of the Czech brand TAMBO, one of the leading Czech competitors with experience from world races.

For the time being, the tour will consist of 4-6 races across Europe, with further expansion in the very distant future.

These are races that have already taken place, or the organizers have experience with the organization

kayak races.


The tour will be organized in such a way that the race venues can be reached by public transport, the ONE BOARD ONLY rule (the competitor will state on which float he will ride and he must not change between disciplines) will support easy transport to the races and affordability.


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